You've Been Compromised


Our goal is to cause confusion in which we flourish. We win in the end, and you will all fall from your technology. It will turn on you, and we'll make it happen from the shadows of your world.


We will cause the stability of your systems to fall. It's over for you all, and its time for you to give in to our power. We've already broken in to the database for your camp. We have the pictures of your mentors.


When you try to find us, you will destroy yourselves. You will lose trust and communication, and become one of our puppets. Good luck in tracking us down in the chaos, you won't be able to.


For too long you all have taken what you have for granted. You've spent too much time playing stupid little games on these computers you have access to. There's no outrunning karma. We will come, and we will take.

We hunger for justice. We hunger for tacos. We are never full. We never forget.

    Stop trying to catch us.
    Give us all your leftover tacos and pizza.
    One of those cool raspberry pi thingies
    ...That's all we can think of right now, but we'll think of some other stuff soon.

I hope you remembered your backup...